About STC

STC is the owner of the ESTARAC site at BOUSSENS, a site that has long been dedicated to oil and gas research and exploitationexploitation and which today houses the TOTAL S.A. core repository.

Since 2001, STC has been a privileged partner in the development of the TOTAL S.A. core repository. A number of extensions and facility upgrades have been undertaken over the years, and an organizational structure and methods for managing geological collections have been specially designed and developed.

In parallel with the development of the TOTAL S.A. core repository, STC has developed its own infrastructure for holding geological collections owned by companies. STC personnel, fully-aware of health and safety regulations, are all invested in the STC concept.

Thanks to the dedication of each and the experience gained through the years by all, our expertise and professionalism are today recognised across the industry.

Our References

  • TOTAL S.A.
  • EDF